Saturday, May 25, 2013

Life, A Fairy Tale

Go feel some fresh air
You don't wanna give up,
All your crazy insane dreams
You just wanna live up.

Go fall from the top

You don't wanna be afraid,
From the citrus of fear
You learn to make lemonade.

Go touch the sky

You don't wanna crawl anymore,
Till you forget to stumble
You just wanna fly..and soar.

Get up and move some rocks

You don't wanna become stale,
Leaving behind this humdrum
You will make your life, a fairy tale.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Friends, 'Start All Over Again'

Clutched in love
Drowned in delight
Shackled with emotions
Bounded with plight..
That's what like, always, we used to be
Living every moment..with ecstasy and glee

Could it be start all over again?

When freedom was in soul, we all were insane
Could it be start all over again?
Tell me it's start all over again.

Together Forever, we used to say

Thinkin' about each other, everytime everyday
Roaming at nights, stupid li'l fights
Hugging each other, putting everything at bay

Could it be start all over again?

That season That time..That weather That rain
Could it be start all over again?
Tell me it's start all over again.

Those Laughs, Those B'days, Those Parties, Those Champagne

Those Lectures, Those Movies..Those Pranks Those Game

Could it be start all over again?

No Work No Tension..No Hatred No Pain
Could it be start all over again?
Tell me it's start all over again.

Miss You, Angel

When clouds make a roar or smiles a sunshine
I miss you my angel, I miss you everytime

When I see a lovebird or look at a shooting star
I miss you my angel, And wish we are never far

When I look at a blooming bud or gaze at the full moon
I miss you my angel, hope we could meet soon

When my eyes blink or my heartbeats are on a song
I miss you my angel, I need you Lifelong.

The Raingirl

Back in the old days
when life was not a maze,
Most amusing was Nature
when I was just a teenager.

Sitting in my rocking chair
Listening songs on music player,
Watching everyone that passes
Through large window glasses.
That Day
No one was home from family
And it was pouring outside heavily,
Raindrops making the best possible sound
Comin' straight from Heaven to kiss the ground.

Something added more beauty to the scene
which was a Girl around eighteen,
Struggling with her umbrella, fighting with the wind
Watching her baby steps, for no reason..I grinned,
Cold breeze through her hair
was forcing me to stare,
Sweet helpless starry eyes
sure had killed thousand guys,
Her coral lips had nothing to say
when her black umbrella flew away,
And now, she was standing in the sand
with her sandals in her hand,
She could do nothing herself
drenched in rain, she was looking for some help.

I shouted a 'Hello', when came outside
just a trembling 'Yes' she replied,
I went to her, feeling the raindrops
asked her to come in shade until the rain stops,
Looking at me like I was a duffer
She reluctantly agreed to my offer.

Two cups of tea and an hour long talks
I made her smile with some stupid jokes,
That day in my life, I can forget never
When I met
The most beautiful women I've seen ever.

Today, sitting in the same rocking chair
with same songs on music player,
I still watch the raindrops
while my mind searches more stupid jokes,
With a cup of tea
Not alone..That 'raingirl' beside me,
As now, she's my Wife
But I always thank this Rain
For introducing to my life..

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rosy Smile~

Tears Like the Sand
Memories like a Pile,
In the desert of the Past
Lovely Flower is your Rosy Smile..

Really miss those Marvellous moments
Whenever..I'm sitting for a while,
So Wise were those Silly talks
How Cute was that Splendid Smile!!